Interface kit

A screenshot of the UI kit displaying a variety of UI components such as buttons, input fields, and menus

Reusable components

Empowering our customer to effortlessly design sleek and dynamic web applications, our Vue-based UI kit offers a wide range of components and can be easily installed as a plugin or imported individually. With our user-friendly kit, Motorcortex can streamline their design process and create stunning web applications without any hassle.

A screenshot of the UI kit's reusable components, including buttons, cards, sliders, and forms

It also comes in black

Our UI kit offers an optimized dark mode option for all components, providing a comfortable viewing experience for those with sensitive eyes. Seamlessly switch between light and dark modes for an effortless design process.

UI kit darkmode components

and go

Our UI kit is available as an NPM package, making it effortless to install and use. Our NPM repository is hosted using Verdaccio.

yarn add @vectioneer/ui --registry=
npm install @vectioneer/ui --registry=

Solve complex problems

UI kit comes equipped with advanced features such as a HEX editor, realtime GL-plot, data tree component, and a layout helper that allows for flexible designs. Additionally, there are several other components and utilities available for exploration.

A screenshot of the UI kit's HEX editor, displaying a code editor with syntax highlighting and various editing tools


UI kit provides an easy-to-use and extendable CSS setup using PostCss, giving you a solid foundation to build upon while still allowing for customization. Create a unique design while maintaining an intuitive and efficient workflow.

A screenshot of the UI kit's PostCss setup, showing a configuration file with various plugins and settings.