Multiplayer company simulation


Chip machines

ASML's core focus is the development of chip machines, necessitating the creation of roadmaps, blueprints, maintenance protocols, expert hiring, and ongoing support.

The simulation is used to improve collaboration between various departments and streamlining the onboarding process for new employees.

multiplayer simulation gui

Train experts

Train experts with specific skills and knowledge to improve the company's performance.

experts gui

Complete tasks

Each role has a set of tasks that need to be completed. This varies from research, manufacturing, sales and customer service related tasks.

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Build machines

Building machines is a key part of the game. It requires multiple players to work together to complete the task.

building machines gui


Players can communicate with each other using messages. This is a great way to coordinate tasks and share knowledge.



Dashobards are a great way to visualize the data collected in the game. Chart.js is used to create the charts.