Zero code interface builder

A screenshot of the Vectioneer zero code interface builder, showing a preview of a user interface with various widgets

Widget library

Our implementation of pinia and pinia-orm allows for seamless representation of each widget and streamlined application structure.

A screenshot of the widget library in Vectioneer's interface builder, showing a list of available widgets


Customize widgets with ease by adjusting values, styles, and more. Ajdustments are saved automatically and can be applied to multiple widgets at once.

A screenshot of the customization options for a widget in Vectioneer's interface builder, including options to adjust values and styles.

Realtime data

Link widgets to real-time data paths. Our implementation of protobuf and nano message ensures rapid and efficient communication between the interface and connected hardware.

A screenshot of the data path configuration options in Vectioneer's interface builder, showing the ability to link widgets to real-time data paths.