Coca Cola

Margin machine

margin machine

Company simulation

The objective is to optimize the margin per product through a company simulation. Utilizing laravel echo, we enable seamless communication across multiple devices for a cohesive experience.

Company simulation with Laravel Echo

Manage stock

Stock management is just one of many tasks players must fulfill in our game. The vue 3 SPA collects the necessary data and transmits it to a laravel backend for seamless and efficient processing.

Stock management in game using Vue 3 SPA and Laravel backend

promo plans

Players can create promotional plans to increase sales. This is a great way to increase the margin per product.

Creating promotional plans to increase sales in game


Players can communicate with each other using messages. This is a great way to coordinate tasks and share knowledge.

Communicating with other players using messages


Dashobards are a great way to visualize the data collected in the game. Chart.js is used to create the charts.

Visualizing game data with Chart.js dashboards