Ethercat configurator

Automatic device detection

This web tool offers automatic device detection and bus scanning, allowing users to select and configure Ethercat devices through a user-friendly interface. It also enables easy deployment of the configuration to the Ethercat bus.

ethercat automatic device detection

Data in, data out

This Ethercat configuration tool simplifies bus configuration through automatic device detection and web UI. It maps XML to Json, facilitates ESI file uploads, PDO modification, and effortless configuration deployment to the Ethercat bus. It combines data mapping with merging strategies to fold multiple configurations into one.

ethercat deployments

Advanced data manipulation

It includes an advanced data editor, leveraging a Hex editor from the UI-kit. Users can easily manipulate octet-arrays, floats, integers, and uints, streamlining configuration management on the Ethercat bus.

advanced data manipulation hex editor

Interconnected services

It streamlines multiple services by connecting with the Ethercat bus, reading input, and creating a configuration. It then pushes the configuration to a Motorcortex controller, automatically configuring devices for optimal performance.

ethercat streamline services