2017 / 2018

Technologies and skills

Realtime communication
Javascript (es6)
Web workers
Threejs (3d)

Realtime chatting

with robots

Interfacing with robots is challenging for technically advanced users, trying to make it comprehensible for non-technical people is a challenge on it’s own. We started with a pen and a piece of paper and sketched how we would like to interact with the robot.

Over the course of the last year we made many refinements, decided upon what technologies to use and had a lot of sprints to get to the result we have now. We’re proud of the result and we’ll keep refining, optimizing and growing this project.

See our robot in action

See it in action!

Coolest things

about this project

All the bits and pieces combined, Balancing performance and interaction while keeping the application realtime. Keeping our codebase clean and organized while sprinting through feature requests.

Interacting with our software and seeing a massive robot performing our tasks, handing over the tablet and seeing other people interfacing with a solid piece of machinery inspires a form of awe inside of us.

Working together with a big team, sharing competences and combining them with ours is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects in a project like this.

But the most rewarding aspect of it all is that we’ve made a lot of new and talented friends who will keep pushing us to our very limits.

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