Perpetually mixing

Form & function

“Fun to work with”. That’s our goal as a team and for the things we build. We believe software should be simple, not complex and that utility and aesthetics are one and the same thing.

We believe in clean code and good communication, work with sprints and are keen on iterating to improve the end result while keeping budget and time in mind.

In short, we’re controlled perfectionists!


Over 10 years experience designing and developing. A curious guy who tries to learn new things every day. Always looking for the balance between design, interaction and utility.

In his free time he likes to read about (and play with) virtual reality, is fascinated by Artificial Intelligence and space. Loves cooking and playing around with flavours. Travels as much as he can.


Fascinated by the web and its ever growing possibilities ever since the first image came down the line. Striving for simplicity and easy user interaction. Happiness comes from meaningful applications especially when related to education.

Likes to play guitar and enjoys the outdoors when away from the office.

Our stack

Technologies we work with. We're eager to learn new stuff and very willing to adapt to new challenges.

ES6, Vue, Vuex, Vue Router, Node
Laravel, Symfony
Less, CSSNext, CSS3
Automation & Bundling
Webpack, Gulp, Custom
Linux, Unix, Shell, ZSH
Elastic Search
MySql, MariaDB, SQL
Version control
Git, NPM, Yarn